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The mission of Lana King Security Consultants is to offer their clientele the knowledge and design solutions to enjoy a secure environment. LKSC combines the most elite strategies with the most exquisite solutions. We believe that aesthetics and lifestyle choices should never be sacrificed to achieve uncompromising security, and that effective security should never be sacrificed to maintain a luxurious home and lifestyle.

The realities and risks of our rapidly changing world have escalated at a pace faster than most security strategies. Our goal is to eliminate the safety concerns that impact us, our families or our associates through a comprehensive and integrated approach to security.

Combining 15 years of leadership in high-end security with two decades as a corporate executive, Lana King knows the sensibilities of extraordinary living and believes that peace of mind is achieved through elite security strategies and exquisite execution.

Elevating Security

Background & experience

Lana King is the President of Lana King Security Consultants. Previously, Lana co-founded SAFE, Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments, elevating the residential sector of architectural security solutions. She has served clients in all facets of business, entertainment and government, with all forms of security solutions including for catastrophic events. Lana’s work in the security industry has been widely featured in such media outlets as ABC World News Tonight, Inside Edition, The Wall Street Journal and Town and Country Magazine.

Prior to co-founding SAFE, Lana served for 20 years in the entertainment industry in top positions as President of Fox Broadcasting Distribution and as CEO of the Hallmark Channel. Now leading LKSC, Lana is establishing a paradigm shift in the security practices of luxury properties through education and consultation.

Core Values

Complete Security Solutions. Uncompromising Execution.

  • Security Every design we deliver will provide unparalleled security and perform flawlessly, even in extreme circumstances
  • Elegance You no longer have to compromise aesthetics to achieve the highest level of security
  • Privacy Our clients' identities and all project details are handled in the strictest confidence
  • Perfection Our clients can achieve "next-generation" security practices, the most advanced products and technologies with meticulous execution

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