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Having served the discrete security planning needs of celebrities, top-tier athletes, and high-profile business men and women, we understand the need for peace of mind while at home or in your office.

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Our homes and offices are where we spend most of our time. The freedom in knowing we are 100% secure, no matter what the challenge, has rarely been achievable until now. Incorporating the most advanced security strategies invisibly into the most elite and elegant environments is a game changer. Our custom security designs are architectural in nature, and can be beautifully implemented whether you are building a new property or would like to retrofit the home you love. Our designs are always scalable, from securing one room, or even the main entrance to a high rise office, to turning your entire home or office into a secure retreat, we can help you achieve the peace of mind that is priceless.

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Lana King’s expertise in the cutting edge strategies she designs has been featured on television and in press coverage many times throughout the course of her extensive career.

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